I Will Show You From My Perspective And You Will Understand

Neil Vermillion —  February 24, 2017 — Leave a comment

I will show you the simple path, the simple and easy way, a journey with unnecessary complications. For though there will be struggle and hardship at times, my yoke is easy and my burden is light, and I will show you the path of simplicity. I will reveal my will for your life, and will confirm it to you again and again, so you will have no doubt, have no confusion, and have no question as to my will and my plans for you.

And in this revelation you will experience my confirmation and enjoy the simplicity of a lifestyle of knowing all I have for you. The beauty of this lifestyle will flow from our relationship together. For as my child your privilege is also to experience and abide in knowledge, understanding, and certainty. So when you have questions, and when your circumstances seem so complicated, allow me to answer, and to simplify these things for you.

For I will show you from my own perspective and you will understand. I will take away confusion, and will show you value, and assessment, and judgement so you can rightly and clearly discern and understand. And with this understanding the choices and decision set before you this day will all be very clear and very simple.

I will also grant you the courage to follow through to take action and make changes for the choices you now understand. I will also supply you with the ability to follow through with your choices as you are able to rightly, and clearly discern and understand.

In this way I will not leave you ill-equipped, but will answer your questions, will simplify your issues and circumstances, and will supply you with the strength and courage to take the appropriate action needed.

Even though you will not always like my revelation, even though you will not always want to follow through and make necessary changes, even though you may hesitate, I will remain with you. I will encourage you, and I will inspire you, and I will empower you every step of the way. Even though you do not always fully understand, you can rest in me, and trust in me, for I will make your crooked paths straight, and the complicated issues simple. I will lift your heavy load, and will ease your troubled mind.

Rest and trust in me, for I will continue to demonstrate my great love for you, as not only your Shepherd, but also your loving father too. For I love you more than you know, and I know you better than you realize. I will satisfy you and complete the desires in your heart and life still unfulfilled. For this is my heart’s desire, and my good pleasure to bring to you, and to give to you.

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