I Will Supply You With All You Lack

Neil Vermillion —  February 6, 2018 —  Comments

In so many ways You have walked with me and grown so much, and come so far. But in many ways you have also only just begun. In many ways there is another lifetime of growth before you, so much in fact you could never achieve it all. With this understanding, do not be downcast, even though it seems you are making no progress whatsoever. Make peace with the path and the process, and do not worry about the rate of advancement. Do not concern yourself with things beyond your control, but determine in your heart to do the best you can in each and every moment, knowing you will learn what you need to learn, and will grow as you are able to grow. (1)

Set your focus and energy upon the things under your realm of control, responsibility, and influence. Set your energy and resource to what you are able to navigate and manage. Set your priorities to what you can do and what you can understand. For as you do these things consistently you will grow and learn. You will develop and mature, and will become increasingly efficient, able to accomplish far more than you previously thought possible. (2)

Do not compare yourself with those around about you, for they have a different course and a different path than you. They have different talents and different backgrounds, enabling them to advance differently than you. (3)

Listen to my voice, and follow my guidance and direction. I will teach you every lesson you need to learn, and will assist you along the way. I will not point you in a direction and leave you alone to walk it alone. I will remain with you every step of the way and will assist you too. I will give you help, strength, courage, and hope. I will give you understanding, and will also bring others to your side to help you along the way. I will not introduce unnecessary obstacles into your path, but will guide you so you can avoid them all. (4)

Throughout this process you will become streamlined and efficient. You will not waste time, nor become caught in pointless and unfruitful endeavors. You will be about your father’s business, making yourself ready and remaining faithful in what I have set before you. (5)

So rest and trust in my heart as well as my hand, for I will instruct you and guide you, but I will also empower you and encourage you too. I have given you so much already, and will continue to give you what you need, supplying you with all you lack, as a good, loving father should. (6)

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