I Will Talk To You Plainly And Simply

Neil Vermillion —  September 26, 2016 —  Comments

As you open yourself up to me I will fill you. As you create a void in your life schedule I will fill it. As you make room to accommodate my wishes and desires for your life, I will also accommodate you. For you will come to know me as your provider in greater capacity than in days past. For I have shown you only the preface of what is in store for you. And as you remain open to receive all I have for you, you will encounter and experience me in more extravagant ways than you thought possible.

For I will open your ears in new and creative ways, and you will hear me life never before. I will speak to your heart, and your will respond, and you will no longer deviate from the path I have set you upon. I will show my generosity to you over and over again, and even still you will be surprised. For you will come to know me as your source, the one who makes a way for you, makes a path for you, and provides all you need or could ever want.

I will meet you in the midst of your busyness. I will meet you in the middle of your confusion and chaos. I will meet you in the difficult and improbable cases, those in which there already seems to be no hope or solution. But I will also meet you in your time of rest and peace. I will find you when you recline, in the midst of your rest without anxiety. I will talk to you plainly and simply and you will know me in greater closeness day after day.

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