Willingness To Be Taught

Neil Vermillion —  March 8, 2019 —  Comments

In this time of expanding, learning, and advancing know my grace will also be with you to help you along the way. I will help you learn the lessons needed and guide you throughout the years. Along with my grace being poured upon you, this season will also require humility within your heart, and submissiveness to be willing to learn new things. Some of you would rather continue on your current path, and others of you have found a place of success and comfort. But know as the day quickly approaches, there is much preparation needed in order to make things ready. Along with this preparation you will be required to do new things. The things of old will have to pass away, and some things will be added to, while other things will be removed or replaced altogether. (1)

So as the day continues to approach, realize it is all about preparation. It is all about getting ready, preparing with all your might to present yourself ready. So in this time of making ready the willingness to be taught will be essential. In the times of correction a disposition to receive correction will help you so much. In the times of being exposed to new things, absorbing new experiences, and refining your present paradigm all these things will be best served with a willingness to learn new things. (2)

Some of these lessons will be pleasant, and you will enjoy them. There is much delight in the excellence of my ways, and there is also much fulfillment in the reward found in following me faithfully. While new things may be very challenging, they will also be very rewarding. Some of these challenges and rewards will require you to redefine how you see yourself, and surely new identity will be birthed from within you. (3)

Your self concept, the way you see, think, and feel about yourself, will be shifted, molded, and changed as you make your way down the path of preparation. Through it all you will come out like gold, to those who are willing to be taught, and those who remain faithful. But also know other lessons will not be so pleasant. They will be good for you, and they will serve you, but they will not all be enjoyable. Some will require striving to new levels and pressing past your current limits. It will hurt temporarily, but it will be a very real and lasting experience for you. Know this discomfort is but brief, whereas the changes I am bringing about will be lasting. (4)

While there will be times when you will feel challenged and worry, know I will still be with you every day, just as I am in the times of joy. While you may hesitate occasionally, know I will empower you to win. I will put your foot on solid ground. If you continue to follow me, and observe the season in which you are living, you will arrive on time and fully prepared. Know I am with you, and am helping you. I am giving you my grace to assist you and enable you as you are being guided in new directions, leading to new pastures. (5)

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