My Words And Promises Are True

Neil Vermillion —  June 2, 2016 —  Comments

As you come to me time and time again you will find I am reliable. In your times of weakness and failure you will find I am strong. In your times of despair and hopelessness you will find my love will sustain you. As you experience loneliness and abandonment you will find my faithfulness and unconditional acceptance. In all these things in this world you will find me if you will look for me. In your darkest hours of your life, I am there. In your most painful moments, I am there. In your confusion, heartache, disappointment, and loss, I am there. I am there with you every minute of every day.

So do not hide yourself from me when you need me most. Do not be ashamed of your need. Do not be ashamed of your weakness. Do not be ashamed for any reason whatsoever. For my love for you is great, and I will accept and embrace you regardless the circumstances, regardless your deeds. There is nothing in all creation that will separate you from my love, so do not hesitate to reach out and approach me. For as you do, you will discover I am already there. You will experience my great love for you, my willing and loving acceptance, and the joy and delight you bring to me as we share in our relationship together.

For you are my dearest, most precious prize. You are the source of my affections. You are the one I hold most dear, most close, most fondly. Though you do not always feel this to be true, especially in your daily events and circumstances and experiences, it is true nonetheless. Though you cannot always perceive my presence, I am with you always. Though you do not always believe what I say, my words and promises to you are true even still.

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