Work Hard And Take Action As You Remain Responsive

Neil Vermillion —  July 25, 2017 — Leave a comment

In my suggestions I have spoken and articulated with clarity the issues of the day. I have provoked your heart and you have felt the move of my spirit within you. I have made myself known to you, and have included my conviction and inspiration too. I have not diminished my intent for you. I have not diluted the call or the purpose placed within and upon you. I have in no way, apologized for designing you the way I have.

In this revelation and acknowledgement you will come to find liberation from limiting beliefs that have plagued and influenced you for many years – even all your life. You will come to taste of my goodness and my understanding and will come to know the truth, and the truth will surely set you free.

So remain responsive, not only to the comfort of my voice as I guide, instruct, and heal you, but also to the urgency and seriousness of the task at hand. For in remaining sensitive to all I say – not merely the things you like, enjoy, and agree with, but the full spectrum of what I am saying – you will find yourself more adequately equipped for the environmental challenges of today, as well as the foundational challenges of tomorrow.

Continue to listen to my voice, for in it you will find hope. You will find peace, guidance, strength and all you need. Listen to my voice, but also receive the move of my spirit within you. For not only will I speak to you, but I will inspire you to move and take action too. I will guide you and advance you. Do not remain idle in seasons of advancement. Do not sleep during the days of labor, but work hard and take action as you remain responsive to my direction. I will guide you and direct you, and will do so with accuracy, excellence, and clarity.

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