Working Behind The Scenes To Open Doors

Neil Vermillion —  October 8, 2018 —  Comments

Today, and in times just before you, I am surely calling you out to a place of fulfillment. It will not look the way you had originally thought when you were a child. It will be surrounded with struggle. You will have to work. You will have to sweat. It will not come easily, but it will come. It will happen. At times it will be scary. At times you will be confused, you will feel alone, you will feel that you’re off the mark, but trust in me despite these things being true, for I will not leave you, nor will I lead you astray. (1)

These struggles and hardships are but brief in comparison to the times of fulfillment I am preparing for you. Your sense of fulfillment is directly connected to your work, in the efforts you apply to develop the endeavors I have placed within your heart. There is a labor assigned to you. There is work required of you to cooperate with me. There is much labor yet ahead, but this is not the labor of a slave. (2)

The labor set before you, even required of you, is the labor of love, the labor of joy, the labor that leads to fulfillment. I have purposed within your heart things that cannot be satisfied from this Earth in a cheap and easy manner. There are greater, eternal desires that only I can truly satisfy, and they will come by means of growth, by means of process, by means of patience applied to develop long term love and long term vision. (3)

As I call you to the labor of my kingdom, know and realize it will look dirty at times. It will look messy and dysfunctional. It will look chaotic and disorganized. You will even ask, “Is this of God?”, or “How can this be right?”, but trust what I am doing will be a new thing, the very thing leading to your ultimate and timely fulfillment.

As you say yes to my call upon your life, and you say yes to my spirit, I will surely guide you into the paths of great adventure, into the paths leading to great fulfillment. It is my desire to satisfy you, my children. I have not placed desires within you only to frustrate you, but rather to fulfill you. Know I am working behind the scenes to open doors of opportunity for you, to fulfill and satisfy you. (4)

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(2) Romans 8:18, 1 Corinthians 7:22
(3) 2 Corinthians 5:14-15
(4) Psalm 23:3, Psalm 8:3, Psalm 37:4

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