You Are In The Very Midst Of My Heart

Neil Vermillion —  August 6, 2018 — Leave a comment

Know that as you follow me, walking the walk of faith, you will certainly experience all life has to offer in its fullest limits possible. While you will enjoy the times of ease, joy, peace, and satisfaction, also remember there will be many other experiences for you along the way as well. For surely you will have trouble, and will experience difficulty, resistance, and all sorts of surprises, but also in this same manner, you will experience the thrill and elation of success, of overcoming difficulties, and the reward for your faithfulness as well. (1)

There is not a single channel, a single outcome intended for you, as if your life is one dimensional, for there are many. There are many outcomes, many rewards, many challenges, many lessons to be learned, and many advancements to be achieved. Through them all you will encounter all I have intended for you. So do not run away from the times that require the very most out of you. Do not avoid the challenges and unpleasantness you will surely encounter from time to time, but understand all these things, along with all the good things you enjoy, have been made available to you in order to grow you, develop you, fulfill you, and advance you according to my hand and my active plan for your life. (2)

So embrace the sweet along with the bitter, knowing I am with you in all things. Embrace the days in which the sun shines, but also the days in which the rain falls, for both are part of the spectrum in which you live, and also part of the spectrum you will experience. (3)

For your life is brief. It is but a vapor, here one moment, and gone the next. So do not look to your difficulties as though you will not be able to endure. Do not consider your hardships as permanent, or intolerable. Instead look to me, and rely on me. Depend on me for I am the author, perfector, and finisher of your faith, and always will be. I am the one who started you, and I am the one who will remain with you until the very end, and even beyond. I have set you into motion and will continue to abide in you, and with you in all things. (4)

So do not feel discouraged as you encounter the difficult and unpleasant moments of your life, for in these things you will abide within my joy even still. Do not feel you have made an error because your life is developing and unfolding before your eyes in a very different manner, timing, or expression than you had presumed. But know you are in the very center of my attention. You are in the palm of my hand. You are in the very midst of my heart and my plans for you in all things, and nothing in this world, neither the present, the past, nor the future, will ever change, enhance, nor diminish any of this now, or forever more. (5)

(1) 2 Corinthians 5:7, John 16:33
(2) Ephesians 2:10, James 1:3-4
(3) Job 1:21, Matthew 5:45
(4) James 4:14, Hebrews 12:2, Matthew 28:20
(5) Matthew 6:8, Romans 8:38-39

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