You Are Not Facing These Things By Yourself

Neil Vermillion —  May 27, 2020 —  Comments

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As you continue to step forward today, know I am with you in all things. Know I will not leave you. Know I have a plan for you. Know I have not only seen what is yet to come, but have also already created a solution for every problem you will ever encounter. (1)

As you face your battles of this day and season, remember I am with you and you are not alone. You are not facing these things by yourself. You have not been abandoned. You have not been forgotten. You have not been left without hope, options, or resource. (2)

I have made myself available to you completely. I have opened up my heart and spirit to you without measure, limit, or hindrance. When you feel you are at your limits, when you feel you are at the end of your strength, call out to me and join with me, for I am already there, already aware, already prepared. (3)

As you reach out to me you will find I am not distant. I am not aloof. I am not too busy, preoccupied with other, more important, things. As you reach out to me you will experience my hope, perspective, strength, discipline, and courage to help you in every situation, for there is nothing that could ever separate you from my love. (4)

I will make all things new. I will redeem all that has been lost. I will mend all that has been broken. I will restore all that has been stolen. You will come to know me as your Great Redeemer. You will see my hand in your life as you encounter limits, obstacles, and hardships again and again. And in all these things, know I will never leave you and I will always love you no matter what may come against you. (5)

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