You Are Not Out Of My Sight

Neil Vermillion —  June 25, 2019 —  Comments

Even though you find yourself in the midst of storms in your life, there is solace and a refuge for you. The events that transpire throughout the world will not always produce the results you desire. You will not always get your way. In fact, there are days where you will experience real loss, real hardship, and real delays for important things, but remember, even in the middle of all the chaos and storms you will experience throughout your life, there is refuge for you. (1)

The storms of life will blow so hard and shake so furiously. The ocean waves will seemingly sweep you away, and you will feel as though you are lost at sea, like a ship without a rudder, without a sail, without a compass. Know, even in these times when you feel you have completely lost your way, I am there for you, and with you. I am here to comfort you, but also to assist you as well. I will be the light to guide you, when you are lost. I will be a compass when you have no direction. I will be your rudder, when you have no means to understand or navigate your circumstances. I will help you to make sense of all these things. I will give you my perspective. I will put my hope within your heart, the hope that sustains. (2)

The labor of love set before you, though difficult, will be ever so sweet to you time and time again. As you begin to acquire a taste for the things of me, the things that poison, distract, and harm you will become distasteful and repugnant to you. It will be a gradual, but logical, progression over time as your inner man grows in knowledge, wisdom, grace, and maturity. (3)

So remember, my Little Ones, I am always close to you, I will comfort you, and I will guide you through all the storms you will surely encounter throughout your life. Even though you feel lost, know you are not out of my sight. Cry out to me and I will hear you. I will answer you in your time of need. (4)

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