You Are The Center Of My Attention

Neil Vermillion —  May 3, 2018 — Leave a comment

In this moment of time you are reluctant to advance forward because what you see before you appears uncertain. You are hesitant to advance, even though you have heard my voice because the forecast is undetermined. Remember, I will not lead you astray. I will not lead you in a direction that will be less than the best for you. Walk forward in the assurance of who I am, but also in the assurance of my great plans for your life. While you may not always understand, like, or enjoy what you encounter, you can always rest and trust in me, in my heart for you, and in the plans I have for you.

So as you activate your faith, and put yourself into motion, know I am with you, but also know you are not moving of your own accord. Not only am I giving you the guidance you need, but I am also giving you the very air you breathe. There is no part of you that exists apart from me. We are joined together in fellowship, and nothing will ever separate you from my great love. I will continue to supply your needs as we journey and adventure forward together, day after day, year after year, in spite of all the uncertainty you will encounter along the way. (1)

I have set you into motion, in this specific direction, for this precise moment in time. Do not look to your own understanding, but embrace the change coming your way. Adopt the changes and suggestions I am presenting to you, for what I have for you is not just good in a sufficient and adequate expression, but is so much better than you could have foreknown. What I have for you is not mediocre, but is the response to the desires of your heart, showing and manifesting greater glory than you could have conceived on your own. What I have for you is not only a single step to produce a single outcome, but is a larger continuum offering continual growth and fulfillment, not only for this present season, but for futures days and seasons as well. (2)

So rest in the assurance you are in the very center of my attention, and that I love you dearly. Rest in the assurance that all I have for you is good, and that I am working to guide you to the realization and manifestation all I have for you, even though it will seem ill-timed, unorthodox, and even scandalous at times. Rest in the assurance of what I have said to you already. Rest in the assurance of what I have shown you and revealed to you. Rest in the assurance of my heart, my character, and my will, for in all these things you will find no lack, no heartache, no disappointment, but joy unspeakable, satisfaction immeasurable, and bliss unexplainable. (3)

(1) Romans 8:35-39, Philippians 4:19
(2) Proverbs 3:5-6, Romans 8:18
(3) Matthew 10:29-31

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