You Have Been Equipped To Accomplish Specific Tasks

Neil Vermillion —  December 20, 2018 —  Comments

As you continue to know me day by day, and week by week, you will also grow in greater perspective of yourself. I will show you who you are, and how I see you. Your own personal identity will be revealed to you, and yes, you will see yourself more fully, more clearly, and more accurately. Even though you know aspects about yourself, you do not know them all. You do not know yourself, the way I know you already. (1)

While this may surprise you, it will also delight you, for there are hidden things about yourself I want to reveal to you. There are hidden treasures, hidden potentials, hidden gems I have placed deep within you that are not easy to find. They are not easy to see, but I see them, and I will reveal these things, along with my special plans for you, as you come to know me and come to understand the person I’ve created, and called you to be. (2)

Now is a time of understanding your individual destiny. I have specific plans and purposes for you which are very detailed. You have been created with great purpose, and you have been equipped to accomplish specific tasks in order to develop, but also manifest, this greatness. It is my good pleasure to reveal these to you in due season. It is my good pleasure to unveil the beauty I’ve hidden within you, even hidden from yourself at times.

As you come away with me and listen to my soft, nearly silent, voice I will speak to your heart and awaken plans for destiny. I will activate the purposes within you, and you will arise and behold the glory hidden in you that will only be fully revealed through me, through knowing me, through following me, and through saying yes to my plans. (3)

As a result you will walk in greater confidence and will not continue to fear. You will not fear the things of your past, nor the threats of the future. Your understanding of how we will work together will be limited, but as I continue to share key milestones, along with the significant details of their development, my plans for you will be unforgettable. It will impossible for you to continue to walk in doubt. It will undeniable, for I will show you so clearly that you will forget your fears and forget your doubts. You will no longer hesitate, and no longer entertain the possiblity of failure. (4)

All of this will be built on the confidence in who I am. It will be built on knowing these are my plans for you, my plans for your individual destiny. These are not plans built on human reasoning, nor logic, emotion, circumstances, or chance. These are the plans I’ve laid out for you, for you to succeed and to show myself strong on your behalf. And I will display my heart and my power in my glory through the mighty exploits I will accomplish through you. (5)

These plans are beautiful. These plans are glorious. You will eat and be satisfied – yes even more satisfied than you ever thought you could be. (6)

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