You Have Never Been Forgotten Or Abandoned

Neil Vermillion —  December 9, 2015 —  Comments

And though it seems your life is progressing so very slowly, understand I have never forgotten you. Understand I have not abandoned you. Understand you are in the very center of my sight. For my plans for you are not the plans you have conceived for yourself. But in the times of delays, confusion, even catastrophe, I have also given you my grace to support and sustain you. So when you feel lost, confused, abandoned and neglected, remember the grace already given you. For my grace will be more than sufficient for you.

And in remembering my grace you will be renewed. You will feel young again. You will feel centered again. You will remember your first love, and your original intent will be revived. And all the goals and plans and dreams you conceived when your love was young and new will come to your remembrance, and hope will be resurrected again. And in this place of hope resurrected you will be bold in your heart. You will be bold in your dreams. You will be bold in your hope. For my spirit will breathe on you, and you will realize who you already are.

And your circumstances that seemed so perilous, so powerful, so overwhelming will begin to fade away. And you will see them as small, you will see them as brief, you will seem them as easy – not because your circumstances have changed, but because your perspective has changed. For my spirit will enable you to see things through my eyes, through my lens, through my plans, and you will no longer put your trust and your faith in your enemies, obstacles, or circumstances, but you will put your faith and trust in me.

For as you come to know me for who I am, you will forget your enemies. You will forget what opposes you. You will forget how to fear. You will forget how to hesitate. You will forget how to protect yourself. For you will come to know me in that place of security and stability, as you realize my love, protection, and strength for you.

So come to me as you did when you were young, like a little child. Come to me without hesitating. Come to me without worry, fretting, or fearing. For I will receive you, and I will embrace you. And I will remind you of the things you have forgotten. I will remind you of what’s in store for you. I will remind you of what I’ve already told you and promised you. I will remind you of who I am.

My patience for you will not expire, so do not hesitate to come to me when you need me most, but run to me, My Dearest, and you will remember you have never been forgotten or abandoned.

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