You Were Designed For Great Intimacy

Neil Vermillion —  January 21, 2019 —  Comments

As you continue to come away with me, know me by my spirit, know me by my ways, know me by my word, I will continue to reveal myself to you. I will show you who I am face to face and we will not be strangers. We will not be like those who do not know each other, for as you come away with me, I will show myself to you and reveal my very most personal details of my heart to you. It is my desire that we are one and that we abide together in the wholeness and intimacy of oneship. (1)

And as you continue to know me, your fears will shrink, yes, even be completely eliminated. For as you know me, your fears will seem so very small, so very unnecessary, even silly and ridiculous in comparison to who I am. I see what is in your heart and I know and understand why you have questions. I know and understand why you have fears, and I know and understand why you think the way you do. And as you know me, it will shape, form, and even transform your spirit, mind, and emotions, and as a result you will no longer continue in the same manner of thinking, living, being, feeling, and behaving as you have previously done. (2)

You will be transformed from the inside out. I know this is what your heart and spirit cry out for. This what you desire – to be transformed into my likeness. So know as you come away with me, and take time to know me by my spirit, you will surely be transformed and I will give you the very thing your heart desires. (3)

You were born and designed for closeness and to enjoy intimacy. Through our intimacy together all your fears and doubts will be removed. It will not be painful, it will be easy. It will not be scary, it will be comforting. It will not be cumbersome, it will enjoyable. Knowing me and experiencing my love will naturally and automatically drive out and eliminate all your fears, as my perfect love floods your heart and your mind.

Know you will have an inheritance of peace as you continue to know me by my spirit. Your peace will be my gift to you, my dearly beloved. I will continue to shower you with the goodness of my presence which will result in your confidence and total peace. Your confidence will be unshakable because it will be built on your knowledge, experience, and history in me. It will not be based on temporary things, circumstances, or your own limited understanding, but will be built on me. (4)

Surely I will not fail you. Surely I will not leave you, nor disappoint you. Know as you continue to come away with me, and as your fears are removed and your confidence grows, you will hear me and know me face to face, and heart to heart. While there will be obstacles and hardships, know we will go through them together, and together in our love we will overcome every obstacle and every trial. All things will work out for your good in the due course of time, and will not drive us apart, but rather will draw us closer together. (5)

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