You Will Be Delightfully Surprised

Neil Vermillion —  December 11, 2015 —  Comments

There are such wonders and delights in store for you. As you come to me I will continue to reveal them one at a time, one after the other, again and again. And you will find I will amaze you and surprise you, even though you have already known these things from a distance. For my glory and my splendor are greater than you imagine. My righteousness and my capacity for generosity are greater than you imagine. My forgiveness and my patience are greater than you imagine. So forget your notions of who I am and allow yourself to imbibe on the wine of the reality of truth.

For in this reality of truth you will begin to see me as I truly am, not as you have previously conceived I am. And with this understanding you will be so delightfully surprised. For while you know me partially, you do not know me fully. And in the discovery of who I truly am you will find your heart will be excited and enamored and amazed. For I will intrigue you beyond what you think possible. I will perplex and inspire you beyond what you have capacity to contain. I will attract and compel you beyond what you think is even possible.

But in it all you will come to know me. And in this knowing you will be delighted. For I will sustain you, love you, protect you, provide for you, and surround you with my goodness on every side. And you will come to know my extravagance again and again. And you will come to know my peace mile after mile. And you will come to know my desires and my passions decade after decade.

For who could measure and grasp all I have in store for you? Who could contain or explain me adequately?

But as you continue to come to know me, all these things will be revealed and even more. And the mysteries set before you as a child will compel you and draw you into the deeper things I have for you. For in your pursuit of me you will surely find me. And as you find me, you will grow in your desire to know me more and more. So in greater capacity than yesterday you will fan the spark into a flame, and you will continually grow, increase, and expand in all I have for you, now and forever.

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