You Will Be Enamored With My Goodness

Neil Vermillion —  July 9, 2019 —  Comments

My plans to see you prosper are very different than the plans you have for yourself, to see yourself prosper. Even the very definition of prosperity you hold is very different than the definition of prosperity I hold. Your standard and my standard of prosperity oftentimes do not match. While you would put yourself on a certain path, with a certain outcome, my plans for you will take you down a very different path, producing a very different outcome. (1)

So trust in my leadership. Trust in my timing in all things. Do not be mindless, compelled to follow conventional wisdom. Do not always be a slave, bound to follow what makes sense to you in the moment. Your heart oftentimes desires the right things, but does so impatiently, and sometimes you desire something for the short term, than proves drastic, detrimental, or dysfunctional in the long term. So allow me to guide you, for not only do I have all paths and outcomes considered, but I have also considered all the timelines as well. (2)

One of the key issues you will frequently wrestle against within your heart is the capacity to wait for the right timing. Surely, this impatience is one of the key issues we will confront together, time and time again. So know I am not angry with you about this. Know I am not against you as you are still learning. Know my hand is not set to hinder you though you make mistakes. But know I love you, and I am for you, in all things. So as we confront these issues together, run to me, for I will not turn you away. (3)

I will not reject you. I will not be harsh with you as we face these issues of your heart. I will surround you with my love and mercy, and you will become enamored with my goodness as I display it to you, and as you experience it viscerally. You will become so inebriated with my presence and goodness that all your hurts, disappointments, and fears will melt away, as they are quickly forgotten. Even though those things are real, they are small. They are small in comparison to the greatness of who I am, all I will do in your life, and all that is set before you, yet to manifest and be developed. (4)

As my plans continue to unfold in your life, as confusion continues to linger, as your hurts continue to accumulate, know and trust in all I have in store for you. As the issues of your heart become bare, and you feel overwhelmed with your humanity, know I have never been overwhelmed. I have never wavered. I have never been afraid of your faults or mistakes. I have never been afraid to face the difficulties and challenges of your circumstances. So remember me, and remember my plans for you as you lose yourself in my heart and my goodness, for surely I am so much greater than all these things. (5)

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