You Will Be My Messengers

Neil Vermillion —  October 11, 2018 —  Comments

Today there is an acceleration for many. Many of you will find yourself advancing quickly. Circumstances and relationships will develop and progress quickly, not slowly as they have in the past when progress was slower. In the past I was preparing you, getting you ready to be released and turned loose. But today I am releasing you to begin to walk in the places of your calling. The time of advancement for your position and influence is surely upon you. (1)

I have prepared you with great detail. I have scheduled the times and seasons and have been very diligent in training you and preparing you. You will not stop growing or stop learning, but be confident I am sending you out because you are ready. Know you are ready to be let loose. There is no need to keep you in school forever.

I am beginning to launch you into the marketplace, to the public gatherings, and to the highways in order for you to move among the people of this Earth. For I am calling all men unto me, that none should perish, but that everyone would come to repentance, and come and learn of me. In these days, surely I will have a presence among the people. I will have my messengers deliver the words I have ordained for them to say, and nothing will be stolen from them. Nothing will be stolen from me. (2)

Do not be surprised as things continue to unfold very quickly. I have been working to make the crooked paths straight, and to align opportunity together with my favor, so as to launch you and place you into positions of influence and effectiveness, for it is my desire to spread my fragrance throughout the Earth.

You will be my messengers. You will be my members. You will be my family, and together we will see it all come to pass. (3)

(1) Philippians 3:12
(2) 2 Peter 3:9, John 12:32, Matthew 6:19-21
(3) Malachi 3:1, Galatians 3:28

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