You Will Come To Know And Experience Me Like Never Before

Neil Vermillion —  June 28, 2018 — Leave a comment

Be prepared for all that is happening in your life to expand and accelerate rapidly, for my will for your life is to continue to see you grow and develop, to surpass your current and previous experiences and limits of yesterday, and to overcome hindrances and obstacles that have held you down and inspired fear in your heart. With this in mind, allow me to challenge your expectations and understanding. Allow me to press you far beyond your comfort zone into new depths, new experiences, new relationships, and into the vastness of the elements of your unknown future.

What is unknown to you is not unknown to me. What seems out of reach and impossible for you is fully accessible and attainable for me. Do not allow experiences of yesterday to taint or distort your understanding of my will for your life. Though you will have experiences to draw from, know I am greater than your experiences and what I have for you in this moment is also far greater than the limitations and hindrances of your past.

I am breaking you out, moving you forward in order to expose the fear in your heart, but also to expose the misunderstanding in your mind. For you know me, but know me faintly, as though I am distant and powerless. So allow me to move you into the deep end, without the use of crutches, life jackets, or safety blankets to comfort you. I will move you into the wild, open spaces and you will have no false sense of security to rely on. Instead, you will rely on me, interact with me, and engage with me. In doing so you will come to know me like never before, for you will submit to my will as your relinquish your childish and inadequate idols that have deceived you into believing they had any power or usefulness whatsoever.

Embrace this revelation I have for you, though it will scare you entirely. Embrace what I am setting before you this present day, and throughout this present season, even though it will seem like certain death. For I am shaking the foundations of lies and deceptions and they will begin to crumble. I am exposing their presence and influence in your life, but I am shaking them, causing them to fall, break, and shatter because of it.

Through this process you will see yourself differently, but you will also begin to see and experience my hand differently. You will come to know my great power, the power that is unmatched regardless of its form. You will come to not only experience my words, but also my hand of provision and instruction as you walk into the realms of the unique and distinct challenges and revelation I have set before you.

Know this with all your heart, for I will not lead you astray. Know this, for I will not lead you to challenges only to see you die. Know this, for I am speaking to you clearly, and guiding you deliberately and specifically, and am doing so in order to correct you, but also to liberate you as you come to not only know me, but experience me more fully as well.

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