You Will Know Me Face To Face

Neil Vermillion —  January 3, 2019 —  Comments

And though you desire to know all, all at once, know I am giving you understanding piece by piece. There are dimensions of understanding coming to you, piece by piece. Even though you want it all now, know it will come, but will do so gradually. Though you want to see it all now, know you will see it all in the due course of time. As the timing becomes mature, I will continue to reveal these things and show you what I have in store. In this day I am inspiring greater understanding to you by means of timing and process. (1)

For this is a day of rapid movement. This is a day of great advancement, a day of rapid progress, and yes, even rapid and continual acceleration. In many ways it will seem as though things will never slow down. It will seem overwhelming if you allow it to do so. In the middle of all this acceleration the movement will seem chaotic at times. It will seem like a mess. It will seem out of control, and out of order.

So trust and know what I am doing may not fit with the ideas you have presumed. Some of the timing will seem unusual. Some of the people will look unqualified. Some of the locations will not look appropriate or suitable. Some of the methods will seem unorthodox, and unusual. But trust me as you see me move, for you will know me by my spirit. To those who have taken the time to know me in secret, in times of humility and anonymity, in times of setback, failure, and delay, you will recognize my hand. Those who know me, and know the sound of my voice, will be able to rightly discern my movement even in the midst of great turmoil and chaos, even though it does not match the presumptions already conceived. The clutter of discrepancy will not be able to conceal my work. The mess and the chaos will not be able to hinder the results I will produce, nor conceal my purpose, plans, or timing. (2)

Many of these things will not fall in line with your concept of me. You will be forced to reckon for yourself, and in doing so discard untruth in exchange for the truth of who I really am. For these events will also reveal new and different dimensions of myself to you. You will see me differently, and come to understand me differently too. For as the times and seasons of this Earth change, and the hour of The Day is coming nearer and nearer, understand the way I choose to demonstrate myself, and reveal myself will also change accordingly. I will choose the right tool, for the right task, at the right time.

So as your mind and heart become provoked, it will force you to understand me and know me better. It will force you to know me more honestly, and to know me heart to heart and face to face. Know I am refining you, and also know as I continue to refine you, I will also liberate you from false ideas, and incomplete paradigms. I will update your lens of interpretation, and will correct and adjust what needs attention. (3)

I will reveal myself to my children, and they will know me as their father. They will know me as I am, and will not have to know only the stories about me, or the rumors they have heard. They will know me face to face, without hindrance, without confusion, and without obstruction. (4)

(1) 1 Corinthians 13:9-12, 2 Corinthians 3:17-18
(2) Isaiah 43:19, John 10:27, John 14:9
(3) Hebrews 10:24, 1 Corinthians 12:1
(4) Romans 8:15, Galatians 4:6

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