You Will Learn And Be Equipped

Neil Vermillion —  January 16, 2019 —  Comments

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Don’t think the challenges of today are for nothing. Don’t think the hardships you’re experiencing are worthless, serving no purpose. I am preparing you for days ahead, and while you may not enjoy these challenges today, in the days ahead you will reflect on them and be grateful for them. You will see the love in which you were trained and the love in which you have been prepared. I have not designed you to always remain at rest. I have not created you to always play in the safety and comfort of your own homes. I have made you and purposed you for great adventure, even to press beyond the status quo. (1)

There are times of great adventure ahead for those willing to say yes. There are times of great risk and times of great reward. And these times will require knowing me and understanding me, but they will also require much time spent in preparation. For the days of great fulfillment are coming, but so are the days of great adversity and great challenge. These are times of outrageous adventure, extreme fun, and radical fulfillment. These are the days you have dreamed of, and the days you have longed for deep within you. These are the days of your destiny and the days you were designed and created to accomplish. (2)

In these days your destiny will be fulfilled. All things will make more sense to you, and you will understand your talents and gifts with a greater awe and respect. You will understand how and why you were trained and prepared the way you were, as key issues and experiences from your past are highlighted and illuminated by means of revelation. (3)

Know I am pressing you to your limits. I am pressing you to the fulfillment of your desire. So run into these challenges and embrace them quickly, for surely you will learn, and become prepared and equipped. Surely you will overcome the challenges and obstacles, and surely you will thrive as you continue to say yes to me in the spaces of your greatest fulfillment.

(1) Romans 8:28, Psalm 30:5
(2) 1 Peter 4:12, 1 Corinthians 2:9
(3) Ephesians 1:18, Isaiah 32:3

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