Your Choice To Remember Your Original Vision And Inspiration

Neil Vermillion —  December 21, 2015 —  Comments

Each day is a launching point for you. Each day is an opportunity for you to choose to move forward, to remain where you are, or to go backward. In each day you have choices again and again, and it is up to you to decide how you will respond. So choose wisely, for your choices matter. And when you are confronted with many choices at the same time, and you feel overwhelmed and confused, do not hesitate to reach out to me. For I have heard you already and I will make myself known to you as you call out to me.

And as you call out you will remember me by my spirit. You will see and understand, and you will remember you are never alone. I will comfort your heart and I will inspire your heart and I will make your path plain and clear. There will be no confusion. There will be no fear. There will be no torment, but in fellowship with me you will remain in the center of peace, security, and stability. And all these choices will be clear for you to see, and you will not hesitate to make the right choice for I will show you, and I will empower you. I will give you the courage you need to make every choice before you.

For as you fellowship with me you will continually grow and increase in your boldness. You will continually grow and increase in your capacity to follow and obey. You will continually move forward in the direction I lead you, and you will not look to the right or to the left, wondering or considering other paths. You know the voice of your shepherd and the voice of another you will not follow. You will not be seduced, or influenced, by the spirit of this age, but will remain in the center of my will as I continue to speak to you, guide you, bring you close to my bosom, and renew your zeal and enthusiasm.

For I will remind you of your first love. I will revive your original inspiration. I will restore the vision set before your eyes when you were young, before you ever experienced any disappointments, and you will remember. As you gaze upon your original inspiration you will also forget how to compromise. You will forget how make backup plans in case my plans don’t work out. You will forget how to cut your losses, but will give yourself totally, completely, and fully to the vision of your original inspiration. You will forget how to be double-minded, but will be a person of resolute devotion, whole devotion, complete devotion to The One Who Loves You.

For in this place of pure revelation you will receive perspective and enjoy the original inspiration again and again, for these are my beautiful plans for you, My Dearly Beloved. And once again you will remember who you are. And once again you will remember who I am. And you will laugh at the obstacles and challenges that stand in your way along the path I’ve marked out for you. For you will see them as weak, temporary, and trivial, and you will laugh that you ever considered them formidable in the least.

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