Your Day Of Advancement

Neil Vermillion —  January 2, 2017 —  Comments

In this day of movement, understand it is a time of growth, development, and acceleration. It is a time to advance, a time to take action, a time to move in the direction I have already placed before you. For I have revealed my plans to your heart and have made my will known to you already. So continue to look at your horizon with anticipation, knowing I am with you and I am guiding you, but also knowing it is a day to begin to implement the next phase, the next season, realizing the next layer in which you will grow and advance.

For I have started all this within you already, and this is no surprise to me. I have made myself known to you and have shown you the path already, though at times it seems cloudy and foggy, and uncertainty clouds your understanding. Move in the direction I have laid before you, for I have made my will known to you plainly. Do not hesitate, do not question or second guess yourself. Do not seek additional confirmation for things I have already confirmed, but begin to implement what I have already shown you. Begin to move and create in line with the plans I have shown you already, what you already know to be true.

For today is a time to advance, not to merely ponder. Today is a day to spend your resources and invest. Today is a day to charge forward with boldness and confidence, knowing the plans you are pursuing are blessed, and have not originated from your own thinking or desires, but have originated from my spirit, even before the beginning of time.

So go!

Go now, and take the necessary action needed to pursue the race set before you. For it is a speedy race, but it will also be granted to those with not only endurance, but with precision, consistency, and faithfulness. So run! Run the race set before you, and do not delay. Do the best you can in each, and every moment, for I am with you in all these things, and even more. And as you run you will continually encounter my spirit, along with my blessings, in startling and wonderful ways.

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