Your Day Of Release Is Soon Coming

Neil Vermillion —  October 8, 2019 —  Comments

You have been faithful in many areas of your life. You have heard my voice and made yourself ready. You have made the necessary sacrifices and paid the price required of you. And now, remember all these years of trials and preparation, for there is coming a time of launching forward for many of you. (1)

There is coming the day of release in which you will transition into the new level of authority and new level of occupation I have for you. You have been faithful in your service and development, and your time of preparation has ended. Now it is time to send you out, to commission you on your way. This day is coming and will be at your door very soon. So adjust your paradigm as you prepare your expectations because I have deemed you ready. Surely this day will be upon you before you realize it. (2)

But also know, this is not the last advancement for you. You will soon be entering into a new season, but this season will also have its times of preparation for the seasons following. You will be required to accomplish, and do, new things in this new season, some of which will be necessary to prepare you for seasons to follow. You have not graduated into your retirement just yet. This is just the next level of advancement, but not your final destination. (3)

So while you are preparing, keep in mind the lessons you are learning. Keep a sharp mind and spirit about you and remain observant. There is much you will learn and process according to all set before you to encounter. But do not preoccupied with all these things, for doing so will cause you to lose your perspective in the moment. Be steadfast, just as you have been, and continue to keep your eyes and ears open to me as I speak to you and guide you. This new season soon to be upon you will be challenging, a real adventure for you, but it will also be a big, and wonderful blessing for you too. (4)

I have seen your faithfulness. I have seen what you have done in secret, and I have taken notice how you followed me though it was costly to you. So know, this will be a time for you to enter into the next phase of advancement I have in store for you, and with this advancement will also bring its rewards. (5)

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