Your Days To Occupy

Neil Vermillion —  June 2, 2020 —  Comments

As you continue to step out in faith, following my leadership in the direction I have for you, you will see me continue to open one door after another. This is a time for you to step out in faith, believing in what I have shown you and said to you. So understand I will honor your obedience and faith as you continue to execute the vision I have given you according to my plans for you in this season. (1)

As you walk this path of faith, understand I am with you, guiding you, steering your course, and giving you excellent advice for all these things. I am helping you to navigate your course so your path will bring you to the destination marked out for you. In days past there were delays, hardships, and lessons that needed to be learned. For some of you this season is still upon you, but for others this season of preparation has passed and you are now entering in to the season of possession, the season of occupation, the season of fruitful harvest. (2)

Because you have walked this venue before, it will look the same, but understand the results will be very different. Your thoughts from your developed experience will serve you well, for you have been trained and prepared. Even though in the past you did not always taste success as you desired, listen to me as I confirm this to you now. (3)

I have trained you and prepared you in days past. I have planted you in the field in which you now abide. So hear these words, and do not doubt, forget, nor hesitate for these are the days of your release. These are the days of your commissioning. These are your days to prosper, possess, and occupy, for you are mature, and you are ready. (4)

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