Your Destiny And Your Future

Neil Vermillion —  May 4, 2016 —  Comments

As you see circumstances and events unfolding before your eyes do not slip into disbelief. For as you begin to see glimpses of what I have in store for you, the things soon approaching your horizon, it will be easy for you to deny its potential and possibility. Let me assure you these are my plans for you, and though they are grand they have been in the works for quite some time, and they have never changed. They are too big, too glorious for a small mindset, so do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed as you adjust your mind to focus on what I am developing and revealing and manifesting in your timeline and horizon.

For I have shown you these things already in your dreams. There is a longing placed within you that is unique to you. It is not the same longing found in anyone else, but resides in you uniquely. And as you see these days of destiny developing and approaching the longing and yearning within you will also be increasing. And this longing is nothing new, but will be familiar to you. Though deeper and stronger than in days past, it is the same longing – the longing I have shown you already in the dreams I’ve given you.

Understand, this is the very reason the circumstances in your life have been culminating. This is the very reason your personal life has been undergoing turmoil and shifting and shaking. This is the reason the days you’ve experienced lately have been pressing you – even to your very limits.

For these are the birth pains of today. These are the sensations of the results of the process I have already initiated within you years ago. And now as this process begins to mature, and even climax for some of you, understand this is all part of the process. Though there is great pain and discomfort do not turn to the side. Do not allow the focus of your heart to be swayed. Do not allow the vision before your eyes to become clouded, for this is the very moment of your launching forward, birthing what I have placed within you already.

And you know this to be true for I have spoken it to your heart. My spirit has called to the very secret things within your spirit, the very deep, hidden things that reside in your core. I have spoken and I have awakened, and even today I am shaking and activating you. My heart is calling out to you for the things that have been dormant for so long – the dreams, plans, and desires you know to be part of your destiny and your future.

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