Your Distinct And Unique Path

Neil Vermillion —  March 14, 2019 —  Comments

Do not be tempted to look to your neighbor and compare yourself with them, for their path is different than yours. Their path will have different timing, different sequence, different requirements, and different tasks. Do not be tempted to think too highly of yourself when you compare your path with the path of your neighbor. Likewise do not think yourself too low simply because the path of your neighbor is different than yours. (1)

All my children have value and importance. All my children matter to me. All my children have destiny within them. All my children are unique, walking different paths at different times, for different reasons, to accomplish different outcomes all according to my plans. In these times of development and refinement, you will find the grace to help you to face your fears and challenges, as well as discover the joy of loving my son. In this labor of love, my son, Jesus, will be shown in you through the transformation of your heart, and it will be in the laying down of your life, and the laying down of the cares of this world you will find fulfillment and freedom. (2)

Know I am after changes that last and endure. These changes, while valuable, do not come quickly. In fact, they come gradually over the course of time. So know as you embark on these paths of refinement, the course will take time. It will take longer than you think it will when you first start – but this is OK. While issues and circumstances seem to develop slowly you will see important things, as well as the unimportant things, pass away. As you grow older your wisdom and maturity will become more refined. Things not important to you now will become more important to you in time. And likewise, some things very important to you now will fade away, nearly forgotten. (3)

These are the qualities needed for you to thrive for the long term. These are the things that matter for all eternity. These are the things of high value and importance. And these are things I am forging and emphasizing within your heart and mind in this season of advancing you in your distinct and unique path.

(1) Galatians 6:4-6, Romans 12:3
(2) John 15:13, Psalm 17:8, Deuteronomy 32:10, Matthew 10:31, John 12:24
(3) Matthew 13:31-32, 1 Corinthians 13:11

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