Your Failures Are Now Stepping Stones

Neil Vermillion —  December 28, 2018 —  Comments

Even though there have been seasons of failure, seasons where things seemed to have been stolen from you, I am asking you to remember these days, and to reflect upon them. I am asking you to learn from events and understand what transpired, and what did not. I am asking you to sit with me in quiet revelation, as I speak to illuminate key issues of your heart. I know this is an unpleasant task I am asking of you. I know deep down, you do not want to do this. But I also know it is necessary, and is beneficial. (1)

I am setting the stage for greater things yet to come. I am updating your framework in order for you to make greater sense of it all. While I know it is unpleasant, it will be good as the fullness of the purposes and plans are revealed in greater detail.

I am rekindling the fires of yesterday. I am reigniting the sparks and flames to the fires of the past. Even though these fires may have been drowned by the floods that have overwhelmed you, and overtaken your circumstances, I will revive these fires of my Original Intent within you. These are my plans for you, to see you prosper and to see all that’s been placed within you come to fruition in due season. (2)

Know as this season continues to approach, the fires of passion will also ignite within you, and will burn with fervent heat, just as they did when you were young. And in this time of ignition, know new levels of passion and strength will also begin to manifest within you, enabling you to not only feel my spirit upon you, but to put it all into action as well. (3)

As you grow in understanding of things of the past, a new perspective of today and tomorrow will begin to emerge. A new understanding will come forth and you will see how things previously believed to be failures were necessary stepping stones to where you are today. Those failures will be redeemed, turned around to be utilized for your ultimate good. As you continue to submit yourself to me, to my process, and to my time table, you will surely see it come to pass the failures of yesterday begin to bear fruit that will be so significant, so substantial, and so satisfying for you. (4)

The distant goals and answers to questions will no longer seem so distant, and even dead and abandoned dreams from your past will be resurrected before the eyes of your heart. I will redeem the time and renew all that’s been lost and stolen from you, but I will also give you understanding to the larger context as well. I will make your failures into stepping stones, paving the path for your growth and development, taking you higher and higher in the things of me. (5)

(1) Joel 2:25, Ecclesiastes 3:1, Romans 8:28-30
(2) Romans 15:4
(3) James 2:18
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(5) John 10:10, 2 Corinthians 12:9-10, Proverbs 24:16

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