Your Heart Becoming Alive With Confidence Through Knowing Me

Neil Vermillion —  February 12, 2019 —  Comments

In these days I am revealing myself to your mind, causing you to ask more questions. I am awakening your thoughts and provoking you to ask deeper questions. So know in this time of being curious and not being satisfied with superficial answers, understand this is the work of my spirit drawing you to deeper knowledge of me. Know as you are uncomfortable with answers of yesterday this is my spirit drawing you to deeper realms of understanding. (1)

There are many thing I desire to reveal to you. There are many things hidden from you I desire to show to you. It is my desire and it is my plan that you walk and abide in security, knowledge, and confidence. I do not want to keep you from understanding, so ask of me. Ask me the questions you have on your mind. Ask me the questions you have in your heart. For I will continue to reveal myself to you, to those who are hungry, and to those willing to search. (2)

As I am continuing to provoke your hearts and your minds with more questions, trust this process will take time. Not all your questions will be answered instantly. Not all your questions will be answered easily. While some answers will come by immediate revelation and understanding, many will come by process, and still others will come by struggle. As you find yourself in difficult and uncomfortable places, trust in me and know I have heard your question and am bringing you to the place of understanding.

As you continue to ask, I will continue to reveal. As you continue to seek me, I will not hide myself from you, though it may seem this way to you from time to time. I will show myself to you, My Beloved, so you can see me and know me face to face, and heart to heart.

I am moving on your hearts to awaken a curiosity of me. I am moving on hearts to awaken a curiosity of my plans. It is my desire to be known, and it is my desire to reveal all these things to you in due season. The confidence you will have as you continue to know me will strengthen you, and it will sustain you too. As you grow in the knowledge of who I am, and grow in the knowledge of my plans for you, your security will become unshakable. (3)

You will know the reliable God, able to do above what you could ask or imagine. And you will know me as father, not just some distant idea or concept in your mind. And as you know me, you will see the faithfulness and the goodness of who I am, your heart will no longer continue to fear or worry. You will see firsthand, and experience my presence, my character, and yes, even my glory, and you will no longer continue to put your faith in your obstacles, doubts, or enemies. (4)

As you see my plans for you, you will walk in greater confidence than in days past. You will see me working on your behalf to accomplish all I have in store for you. As you see events continue to unfold, time and time again, your heart will be so alive with confidence. You will no longer concern yourself with temporary conflicts. You will no longer be prone to distractions or deviations. You will no longer continue to entertain doubt within your heart. The things that so easily choke your faith and prevent you from finishing will fade away and become irrelevant. (5)

There is a greater confidence yet to be fully revealed. A greater confidence of myself as well as my plans is available for you as you continue to seek me with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. As you seek me, you will surely find me, and will become alive in confidence as these things are revealed to you, and you taste, see, and experience the goodness I have in store for you. (6)

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