Your Invitation To Discard Excess Baggage

Neil Vermillion —  December 17, 2018 —  Comments

My hands are stretched out to you to extend my invitation to help you. I am extending my help to you in times of your need. Many want things to be removed, but there are times that we need to work together, in the midst of your need. The obstacles will simply not be removed just because you ask, for these obstacles will serve you as they function as opportunities for us to work together. (1)

While this notion is not comforting to some of you, know these are my plans for you. The obstacles serve as lessons for you to learn, and opportunities to apply what you already know. While you would rather remove these challenges, doing so would also remove the lessons you need to learn, and the experience you need to acquire. So know that I have heard you. I have heard your prayers. I have heard your cries. I have heard your petitions. Know I am listening. Know I am near you and with you even through the struggles of overcoming painful and challenging obstacles. (2)

These are things we will do together. Together we will accomplish much, and the glory revealed will be your reward. My glory will be in you, but it will also shine through you too. Your growth will be your reward. Your freedom in all things hindering you will be your reward. Though it will cost you much, and even offend and irritate you at times, the growth you experience, along with all its benefits, will be your reward. (3)

So in this day and hour of testing and preparation, draw yourself close to my side. Draw yourself close to my heart. Draw your affections near to me. As you do, you will find a place of restoration, safety, and rejuvenation. For the trials and struggles will wear you out, but my presence will restore your strength, and renew your inspiration. I will renew your vision and renew your motivation so you will be sustained through the desert season, and you will surely endure, even to the end. (4)

Not only will you be able to endure the hardship, you will begin to thrive day after day in spite of it. You see, the hardships are small in comparison to my strength. The trials and wilderness are but brief in comparison to what I am putting before you. For the joy of my spirit, and the renewal of your inner man will keep you, and guide you, and strengthen you day by day, hour after hour. (5)

In this time of stress and struggle, know I am also working to remove all the offense within your heart. There are questions still lingering within you. There are disappointments within your memory still hurting. I know all, and I see all, and am fully aware how they weigh you down. This season of climbing mountains will cause you to discard all excess baggage. There will not be room to carry additional burdens. The burden of offense will have to be let go, and as this happens not only will you be lighter, but you will be happier too. (6)

So as you sweat, toil, work, and feel you are being pushed to the very edge of your limits, know you will be releasing things from your past that have been slowing you down, things that are inhibiting your freedom. You will be forced to identify and discard your excess baggage. Even though this process will not be pleasant in the moment, you will enjoy and appreciate the strength and freedom it brings. (7)

So know I am with you. Know I am for you, not against you. Know there is no good thing I will withhold from you, my dearly beloved. Know all these things, though difficult and distasteful in the moment, are working for your ultimate good, ultimate peace, and ultimate happiness. (8)

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