Your Labor Pains Are Only Temporary

Neil Vermillion —  December 24, 2018 —  Comments

Surely I see your struggle and I hear your heartache. Even now I see the tears you cry, and know the difficulty and pain you experience. Even though this road is hard, know I am with you and near you. Today is a time of pressing past your limits. It’s a time of raising the bar of expectation of yourself and what you are capable of doing. It is a day to endure past the things that have held you back. Today is a day of breakthrough and advancement – but not a quick breakthrough. Rather it is a breakthrough of endurance. It is a refinement of character and enhancing the strength and power already placed within you. (1)

For there is a secret strength and secret purpose hidden below the surface, and these times of struggle are awakening your secret reserves. It is a time of awakening the secret powers, and the secret abilities, and the secret vision and purpose that’s been hidden. And even now it will continue to unfold before your eyes, little by little, day by day. It is not a time of giving up, though you may feel weary, but to persevere, knowing the greatness I have placed within you is in the process of emerging. (2)

I know the hurts, and I know the hardship. The hurts are real. The struggle is real. The delays are real. But through them all, know I am greater than any hardship, struggle, or trial. Know my plans are greater than any obstacle or limit. These hurts are real, but they are only temporary. (3)

Come to me, and I will be your refuge. I will restore you day by day, as many times as you need. I will not grow tired, and I will not grow weary. I will renew you, and give you another day to kill your Goliath, and even to claim your prize and enjoy your victory. (4)

Even though you are walking in struggle and hardship, know it will not always be this way. Your greatest days of splendor and even greatest adventure are just around the corner for you. Though it will be birthed in pain, sweat, and even tears at times, know it is for your joy, freedom, and bliss these things are being revealed to you and awakened within you. It is my divine purpose and my divine plan to bring you to the place of utmost fruitfulness. As you are the branch, surely I will continue to prune this branch in order to make you even more fruitful. (5)

Remember, even during your darkest hours, in the moments of your greatest confusion, I am there with you in the middle of it all. But also know my plans for you are so much greater than any darkness, and so much greater than any confusion could ever be. (6)

You will look back on these days of struggle, fear, and confusion and will have fond memories, even cherished memories, as you will see the work I have been doing behind the scenes to awaken deeper characteristics, and even deeper purposes within you. It is a great time of birthing. Yes there are labor pains, but the labor is only temporary, and is small in comparison to what is born. (7)

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