Your Loving Father

Neil Vermillion —  August 4, 2016 —  Comments

I will continue to reveal and show myself to you as a loving father. I will continue to speak to you with kindness, affirming my love and good plans for you. I will continue to demonstrate my unending affections for you day after day. I will continue to make this truth evident in your life, as you open your eyes, ears, and heart to me again and again. I have seen your hurts and I have seen your past, and it is my desire to restore all the broken pieces. I have seen the fragments from the damage done, and it is my desire and my plan to mend them all back together again.

As you continue to know me as your loving father you will experience my great redemption and restoration in your life. I will speak to your heart in the inner most secrets of what you ponder, and I will affirm my goodness and my greatness, and the plans I have in store for you. And though the present sufferings are very real, they are small in comparison to what will be revealed in you and through you. As you come to realize this truth your heart will respond in love, with faith, no longer being tired, scared, or overwhelmed. But your heart will be alive and vibrant, eager with anticipation of all that is yet to come for you. And you will no longer worry and you will no longer fear, for you will have tasted of my goodness, and will have forgotten the devices of yesteryear.

All this will come about as you continue to receive from me. As you continue to lean on me, rely on me, press into me, depend upon me you will experience my goodness, kindness, and generosity over and over, even beyond what you think is possible. You will know me as your loving father, and your heart will grow in confidence, no longer wavering back and forth between two ideas. You will know me and see me and experience me in a place of intimate, personal fellowship, and it will be not taken from you.

Your relationship with me will not be taken from you, nor will it be undermined in any way. For as you get a small taste initially you will desire to know me more and more. And as you continue to taste of my goodness you will likewise also desire more and more. And over the course of time you will put away childish and frivolous distractions and devote yourself more fully to me and to my will for your life. And it won’t feel like work or labor or sacrifice, but it will be your good pleasure, your delight to continue to know me more and follow my leadership in your life.

Your surrender to me will not feel like death, like something you hate, but will feel like your reward. Your joy will be to know me, to follow me, to love me, to continue to walk with me day after day. And in all things my grace will remain upon you, and your heart will grow confident and bold in all things. And all this depth and confidence will stem from your knowing me, and experiencing me, as your loving father. Over the course of time you will know me this way, and as you do, you will never see me the same, nor forget my embrace ever again.

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