Your Participation In The Here And Now

Neil Vermillion —  May 22, 2018 — Leave a comment

It’s fun to follow what I say to you, but it is also enjoyable for you to participate in what you see me doing in your circumstances too. For I am not as limited as you presume me to be. I am not as uninvolved as you presume me to be. So listen to my voice, following the words I share with you, but also keep your eyes open to what I am already doing, to the activity displayed prominently before you physical and spiritual eyes as well.

I know you want to do the right thing. I know you want to follow what I have for you, and what I say. So be aware my revelation comes in many forms, not just one or two. Be aware you can hear me, and you can feel me, but you can also discern what I am doing already as you observe the movement of my hand, and the stirring of my spirit. As you discern what I am already doing, you will begin to also discern how you can contribute and participate. As you see what I am already doing your awareness and sensitivity will be not only awakened, but also heightened and developed.

As a result of discerning my present activity you will not have to concern yourself with the timing. You will not have to concern yourself if you should wait or not, because you will see the time is right already. You will not have to plan or prepare, or be especially wise or skilled, as you put yourself into motion, following the lead of my spirit in your environment.

Watch what I am doing so you can also discern how to participate. In doing so, you will experience great fun, great joy, and great satisfaction. You not only see, understand, and know, but also to participate, grow, and contribute as you put your motives, talents, and ideals into motion according to what you observe I am doing.

You will see my activity in the moment, but will not always have knowledge of the future, in how it will play out, develop, or finish. So while you will understand today’s direction, and the timing of the day, there will still be a distinct element of mystery for you. There will still be a distinct element that is unknown, but delightful and rewarding, as you put your faith into action, joining in the good work and adventure set before you, both directly and indirectly.

So when you hear the trumpet call, do not continue to make yourself ready, for the time for preparation will have expired. Instead participate with me, knowing I have prepared you sufficiently for this moment, and will continue to prepare you and develop you along the way.

Let go of your preconceived notions of what I will do, or what I will not do. Let go of the boundaries that have fenced you in, forcing you to serve a facade and a form of religion. Instead engage with me fully and completely, as you see me moving. Engage with me without reservation knowing it will bless you greatly, it will bless others, and will be fun and enjoyable, worthwhile in every way imaginable.

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