Your Perseverance Matters

Neil Vermillion —  February 25, 2019 —  Comments

Surely I am preparing you for the days ahead. I am calling you out to identify areas in your life that need to be refined for I am working to perfect all I have placed within you. In this time of refinement I am calling you, yes even requiring you, to lay down many things in your life, for I desire to liberate you from the hindrances and entrapments you have come to accept as normal. Even though your love for me is still alive, and the fire is still burning, there are issues in your heart and mind that have hindered our love together. (1)

This time of refinement will bring to surface many of these issues within your heart and mind and we will face them together. This time of refinement is a loving time though you will experience discomfort and wish for it to come to an immediate end. This process of refinement will result in greater perfection manifesting within you, for these are my plans for you, that you would walk in the fullness of all I have for you. (2)

Even though you do not understand it all, still I will guide you and help you along the way. Even though you will fear some of the issues we will confront, still I will be by your side, helping you step by step, day by day. I have chosen to refine you gradually, but also in a loving, tender manner as well. My heart desires to bring you to a place of greater maturity, but this will not be accomplished quickly, nor conveniently.

Know in this time of refinement, we are working together motivated by my perfect love for you in all things. In this way we will face your fears as we will face your challenges, and we will overcome them all in the end. You will come out like pure gold, once you have come through to the other side of the refiner’s fire. (3)

Even though you would want this process to be over quickly, know this process will take time and will require patience. Patience will have her perfect work so that you will lack nothing. I will give you discernment to know the areas needing to be tended and changed, so you will have an accurate perspective and understanding of what you are experiencing as well as what you are accomplishing. (4)

There will be areas in your heart you will not identify quickly. There will be areas in your heart you will not identify correctly. But do not worry, for I will help you in both of these matters. I will help you to identify them accurately and I will help you identify them quickly so as not to delay our process of growth and refinement unnecessarily. (5)

This refining process will require perseverance, and will forge the necessary strength to endure. While it will take a while, and not be accomplished quickly, you are on the correct path, moving in the right direction, at the right time. I am working in your favor so all things will eventually work out for your good. While this will seem contradictory at times, trust in me and lean on me, for as you do you will come to know me heart to heart, just as you desire deep within you. (6)

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