Your Perspective Is Not My Perspective

Neil Vermillion —  August 26, 2015 —  Comments

In these days you will see the expanse of the years of labor for the seeds you’ve sown. You will see results and you will begin to reap the first fruit of your harvest. The fullness has not yet arrived, but the harbinger is knocking at your door. And as you remain faithful to heed the call, observe the times and seasons in which you live, you will surely receive the reward due you according to your labor and according to your faithfulness.

For there have been years of struggle. There have been times of doubt. There have been times of exhaustion and despair. But nevertheless, you have persevered, and you have continued to remain faithful, though in many ways you have considered yourself a failure. But even still you did not stop, you did not give up. You gave and sacrificed what you had, and did the best you possible could do.

Understand I look at things differently than you. I see things differently than you. My perspective is not your perspective. And where you see failure, I see preparation. Where you see despair I see death to imaginations. Where you see exhaustion I see the realization of the limits of your own strength. Where you see doubt I see the strengthening of your faith, fortifying the issues of your heart in that which you already know to be true. Where you see struggle I see growth and strength development.

All these things have worked out toward your good, and will continue to do so, so long as you continue to follow and obey and remain faithful. For I will redeem all the years that have been lost. I will redeem and restore that which has been stolen. I will reward you according to your works, according to your efforts, and according to your faithfulness.

For I have seen them all, and even more. I have seen the intentions of your heart, the plans you held most dear in your heart of hearts. And I have seen the deceptions, and even self-deceptions, set before the eyes of your heart that have prevented you, and blocked you, from being able to see and understand Truth. So I will consider all these things, and I will make amends. For it is my plan for you to prosper, and to live that life abundantly in all areas of the life I have given you.

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