Your Perspective Will Shift And Change

Neil Vermillion —  December 17, 2015 —  Comments

You resist me as if I am working against you. You resist me as if I am moving you away from what is best for you. You resist me as if you know me not. Rather than resist me, trust me. Rather than push against the wind, allow yourself to observe and cooperate. For in your openness I will reveal and show you many things and you will prosper. I will guide you to things you’ve not conceived or perceived and you will be blessed.

For my plans are to prosper you, not harm you. My plans are to see you flourish, not to see you dwindle and diminish. My plans are to bring you to your greatest fulfillment, your maximum blessing and benefit, so allow me to govern you, guide you, inspire you, speak to you, and direct you. For in doing so, in receiving my guidance and adopting my ways, in my time, you will open up your heart to see and know and experience all I have for you.

For I am not against you, but for you. I am not moving you away from what is best for you, but moving you towards all that is, and even more. So as you know me you will trust me, so take the time to come to know me. For in knowing me you will see and understand and cooperate. You will no longer push against the wind – the wind you cannot direct, slow, or stop – but will observe what is taking place as you abide in union together with me. For in your openness I will make it plain, and you will see how easy it is. You will see all that’s already been accomplished, and you will no longer work to acquire that which you already possess.

For in your union with me your perspective and perception will be changed. And in this perception you will see things more rightly, more accurately, more honestly. You will no longer see through your own eyes, clouded by desire and limited perspective, but will see through my eyes. And through my eyes you will know the glory of all available to you, even this day. And you will see your struggles differently, not because they have changed, but because your perspective and your perception of them has changed.

For as you see the world, and yourself, through my eyes, all these things will shift and change, and you will worry and fret and fear no more. And you will be free. And you will not fear. And you will not doubt. For you will see and you will know.

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