Your Place Of Solace For You To Rest

Neil Vermillion —  August 16, 2018 — Leave a comment

In this moment I am revealing myself to you afresh and anew. For you know me already, but yet there are many dimensions and aspects of who, and what, I am you are not well acquainted with. You know me, but as if from a distance. So do not be afraid as I continue to show myself to you. As you encounter me you will be delighted, but you will also be alarmed, for I am not like you thought I was. I am not the god of your imagination, so do not be afraid as you encounter me for who I really and truly am, rather than the image you have concocted according to your own ideas, presumptions, and paradigms. (1)

This will be no small feat, for it will require not only flexibility but also courage, as you encounter the truth of who I am, and begin to see the presumptions you have made. You will see the difference in assumptions about my essence and my nature and it will unnerve you. While it unmasks the idols of presumption and erroneous conclusions in your heart and mind, and while it alarms and unnerves you, coming to know me more and more truly and honestly will simultaneously be very comforting to you too.

You will begin to see me as I am, and you will begin to know me as I am. And as this continues to unfold and manifest within your life you will be delighted as the idols are removed, and the crutches of your youth are replaced with the truth and reality of who and what I really am. For I am altogether different. I am unique and like no other, and because of this you have no real framework to compare against. Because my ways are not your ways, and because my thoughts are not your thoughts, you will find there is a gap in your understanding that is clouded by a limited and shallow analysis, spawned from superficial understanding. (2)

But nevertheless, I am greater than your limits. I will work with you to continue to show myself to you so you will come to know me, year after year and decade after decade. You will come to put your hope and trust in me, and will no longer rest upon the inadequate and worthless constructs that are all too convenient as well as ubiquitous. As you rest in me, you will surely become more and more stable, more and more confident, and more and more secure, for you will experience my never-changing nature, and will experience my great and unchanging power. You will drink of my delight and will be overwhelmed with my sheer faithfulness and unmatched reliability. (3)

Allow me to comfort you with truth as I speak to the very issues and concerns of your heart this day, for they are great. I see the weights before your eyes and the cares before your mind. I see what matters most to you, and I see how it affects you, in both small and significant ways. Allow me to enter in as you hear my voice and knock on the door of your heart. For as you open the door I will enter to dine and fellowship with you, doing so without end. In our sharing together you will find the relief you seek and desperately need. You will find your shelter from the storm, and your place of solace for you to rest. (4)

(1) 1 Corinthians 2:10, Psalm 139:2, 1 Corinthians 8:3
(2) Exodus 3:14, Isaiah 55:8-9
(3) Hebrews 13:8, James 1:17
(4) Matthew 6:8, Revelation 3:20, Psalm 46:1

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