Your Questions And Concerns Need To Be Addressed

Neil Vermillion —  April 26, 2019 —  Comments

Even though I have called you many times in the past, still I am patiently waiting, patiently calling you to come away with me and draw yourself near my heart. There are many things we must talk about, and there is much preparation ahead of you. If your heart is not close to me, and you do not know me, you will not understand how to respond to your present day events, nor how to utilize your time of preparation. (1)

The preparation is not small. This time of preparation is not insignificant or irrelevant. As you come away with me, we will enter into a time of greater understanding and greater clarity. There are questions within your heart even still, but they will be addressed. The questions and concerns perplexing you, will be answered, but so will other important concerns, the things you have not yet even considered. We will talk about all these things, for it is my desire, and my plan, to advance you forward and continue to bring your heart, mind, and experience closer to me still. (2)

So understand, this time of preparation and time of coming away with me will require sacrifice. It will not always come out of convenience. It will not always come cheaply. It will cost you, and there will be very real sacrifices required in order to finish this course. But also know, though sacrifice will be required, the reward will be worth it all.

As you continue to come with me and know me, you will grow in perspective and in the confidence of knowing my plans for this day and season. It will not come quickly, and it will not come easily, but intimate knowledge of my heart and my plans will come to all who remain faithful and submit themselves to me. (3)

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(3) 1 Corinthians 2:16, Revelation 2:17, James 4:7-10, Job 22:21

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