Your Questions, Fears, And Apprehensions Will Be Forgotten

Neil Vermillion —  April 4, 2019 —  Comments

In this time of acceleration, moving ahead swiftly and quickly, many things will come to surface you will have to deal with. Do not let these trials, nor the speed of today’s pace overwhelm you. Even though it will be different than previous seasons of your life, I will be with you, and I will offer you safety and rest as you come away with me. Sit with me, by my side, and allow me to offer my leadership for your mind, my shade for your strength, my spirit for your sustenance, and my presence for your joy and peace. (1)

All these things are your present birthright and future inheritance. The joy of our fellowship together will sustain you for as you continue to focus your eyes on me, the dark things presently within your view will begin to fade away. All the discouragement, thoughts of loss, memories of failures, and fear of suffering will all fade away in comparison to the beauty of my face and the joy of our fellowship together. My face will sustain you as you take time to sit with me and allow me to change your heart and transform your mind. (2)

In this time of moving swiftly, the hindrances will need to be discarded quickly. As you drink from me, and know me by my spirit, all your hindrances will be gently removed or become irrelevant or obsolete. Things currently hindering you now will no longer matter the way they once did. All your worthless troubles will be forgotten and will simply fade away, in light of the greater hope and perspective I have, and am giving you. The reality of who I am, my presence, glory, joy, peace, and confidence will overtake you, and our fellowship together will be your great reward. (3)

While this is very simple in concept to understand, it is also very difficult to incorporate in practice for your mind will be prone to wrestle with it and reject it. But as you surrender your mind to be renewed, and spend time knowing me by spirit, you will see all these things begin to make sense, as the reality of Truth manifests in your daily life. You will come to accept this over time, even though it is uncomfortably simple in its initial introduction. (4)

While at times I speak in riddles and mysteries, they will be revealed to you as you sit with me, for I hold all the keys and have all the knowledge. I will answer all these things, and even more in due time. So do not allow your questions, fears, or concerns to hinder you, for they are but small details functioning as obstacles within the larger reward of knowing me face to face. (5)

There is so much depth in the days ahead, you will be glad you have taken the time to drink from me, and build history together with me for you will need much depth in the days ahead. As you allow your transformation to flourish and continue, you will see it all come to pass as your questions, fears, and apprehensions are all forgotten. (6)

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