Your Reliance On Me

Neil Vermillion —  May 18, 2016 —  Comments

While these rapid works all seem miraculous as you see them develop before your eyes, understand this has always been my plan for you. So do not consider the timing, as though you have missed it along the way. Do not consider the location, as though you misunderstood where you should have been. Do not consider your preparation, for I have prepared you for precisely this day.

So do not consider any of these things, for these are man’s ways of measuring and understanding. Instead, consider my voice and allow me to guide you, for I will move you in different directions. I will speak to your heart and you will be surprised and delighted with all I have for you.

And not only will you be surprised at my plans but you will also be surprised at my timing too. For you see yourself as unprepared, because you perceive the launching point differently than I do. You see the final destination differently than I do. You see transitions so very differently than I see them. So do not assess yourself, or your own strength or wisdom, or your own abilities, for these things are insufficient to accomplish my will and my plans.

The success of my will for your life has never been about your own strength or abilities, but has always been about your cooperation and reliance on me. So do not rely on your own strength, knowledge, will, or resources, but rely on me. Trust me, trust my timing, trust my leadership, trust my process and my plans for you, and you will see it all come to pass and be marveled and amazed as you do.

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