Your Solution Is Before You

Neil Vermillion —  July 1, 2016 —  Comments

For I have presented your solution before you. I have made it available, but I have also revealed it to your understanding as well. So as you see your path set before you more and more clearly, understand I have done this for you. I have opened every door you need in order to advance. I have unlocked the chains and have loosened the shackles and give you all freedom. So embrace the challenges before you this hour, knowing they will not defeat you, but will strengthen and activate you.

For you see your challenges as punishment. You see your experiences as delays. But I have ordained these things to reveal my plans to you. I have ordained these things to reveal yourself to you. I have ordained these things that they may all come together in the right and perfect time, and they are all good. They are all working together to achieve and accomplish my will according to my plans for your life. For everything is working out for your ultimate benefit, though you do not always realize or understand it in the moment.

So as you observe the environment of the day, and discern the actions needed to traverse the territory, know and remember these things are working for your good. They are for your benefit. So embrace your benefit. Embrace your challenge, for it will serve you. Embrace your obstacles for these opportunities will cause you to grow and to prosper. Embrace the difficulty set before you, and you will encounter me in new and exciting ways. For you are not alone, but we are traveling this life, and this path, together.

So do not slow your pace. Do not hesitate or be reluctant, but advance forward with zeal and confidence. For I have opened all these things and even more before you, and will continue to do so according to my good will, and my good pleasure for you.

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