Your True Identity

Neil Vermillion —  November 30, 2015 —  Comments

There is so much being revealed to you this day. There is so much you’ve not seen in days past, but is now being opened and revealed to you so you will be able to see and understand. For my spirit is speaking to you clearly, more clearly than before. And my spirit is speaking to you plainly, allowing you to come to know and understand what I am saying to you in this day and hour.

For the season is at hand where you will put away childish habits, childish thinking, childish behavior, and will begin to embrace the maturity set before you. I have worked with you through many seasons, many cycles, and many trials and experiences. And now you have crossed over from childhood into adulthood, and you will walk in comprehension, understanding of that which you could not comprehend before.

You will revisit things of old and see them afresh. Though they are familiar to you, because you’ve seen them before, they will be new to you for you have changed and grown so much since your last encounter. And though familiar you will see it differently, and you will be acquainted with it, though it will be new. And so you will revisit trials of old. You will revisit memories and experiences. You will confront failures and victories. You will reassess them all differently from your new perspective given you from your progress of accomplishment and maturity.

And you will see my hand through it all. You will be able to look through your life experiences and see for yourself how I’ve worked on your behalf. You will recognize how I’ve scheduled your events and experiences and you will know you have never been out of my sight. You will know you have never been forgotten, though you did not always see me at the time. But as you look back, you will see things very differently and you will be able to see what you could not see before.

And you will see yourself differently. You will recognize more and more the person I have created you to be. You will put away lies from your past. You will put away identity placed upon you by well-meaning people and will recognize who I have called you to be. You will put away misunderstandings you’ve had about yourself and will adopt the spirit of truth revealed to you, even though you only see in part.

And from this place of revelation of your true identity you will move forward in what I’ve called you to do, who I’ve called you to be, and will do so with efficiency and effectiveness. For you will no longer entertain childish dreams or fantasies, but instead will be about your father’s business. And your heart will align and remain united with me and your motives will change.

So from this place of changed motives your conduct and behavior will likewise change as you continue to grow in acceptance of the identity I’ve put within you, the identity I’ve placed upon you, your true identity.

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