Your Ultimate Growth

Neil Vermillion —  May 31, 2016 —  Comments

Let me assure you there is always something new. There is always another thing to learn, to experience, or to attempt to endeavor. There is always a new discovery and a new concept and a new application waiting for you. There is a new level of comprehension, a new relationship to be established, a new application of truth you have already learned.

The possibilities and combinations are endless, so while you may already know much of what has been set before you, also know there is still so much more you do not fully yet know. There is more still to be revealed to you. There is more that will be given you as you continue to grow and develop as you remain consistent and faithful with what I’ve already given you.

In your faithfulness of today you will be developed. In your faithfulness of today you will be strengthened and prepared for tomorrow. While you may feel no progress daily, remember you are remaining faithful in what I have set before you and surely your faithfulness in this process will yield its fruits over the due course of time.

And while things mature and develop allow yourself the liberty to enjoy the process as much as you possibly can. Understand there is always something more to learn, something more to discern, something more to do. Understand you will always be growing, will always be expanding and increasing, even though you do not always feel or perceive it. But remain faithful while you enjoy and embrace all I’ve set before you and established before you.

And with all of this in mind enjoy today as best as you possibly can. Imbibe of the wine of my joy in the process I have initiated in your life, for it will surely bring about the righteous results both you and I desire. For you will fellowship with me as you experience the joy and satisfaction of the work you have been surrounded with. I will show you my perspective and I will educate and inform you of a bigger scope of perception. And with this bigger scope, your joy and appreciation will be increased as you observe and drink in the joy of our fellowship.

Though you do not always understand the process, know that your lack of understanding will not prohibit, nor inhibit, your ultimate growth. There will be dips and valleys, and there will be peaks and summits, so do not be surprised as you encounter these things along the way. Do not be surprised as you experience the variety in this life I have given you, but instead embrace it all, realizing I have given it to you for your good pleasure.

For as you embrace the diversity and variety before you, you will be liberated from the limited point of view you are naturally predisposed towards. You will enlarge your own concept. You will grow and expand in your appreciation, allowing yourself to more fully enjoy all I have given you.

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