A Call To Develop Peace

Neil Vermillion —  April 6, 2015 —  Comments

I am calling you to deeper times of prayer. I am calling you to longer durations of prayer. For this is a season of sowing in your history and relationship with me. For there is much peace I want to bestow upon you. There is much peace I need to bring to you. There is a great need for peace, so take time to develop our relationship together now, while you still can. For in the times of prayer you will come to know me. And in these times of prayer I will make myself known to you, and you will seek me and you will surely find me there.

So come away with me, and seek for me with all your heart and forget all the minor things with which you occupy your time. For there is peace I must impart to you, peace that will be crucial for your well being in the days ahead. For my peace will transcend circumstances. The peace I give you will not be easily stolen. The peace I bring will sustain you. For my peace is not rooted in man, nor is it rooted in the things of this world. But the peace I offer you comes from me, and will transcend all things if you will abide with me.

So take the necessary time to develop and cultivate your culture of peace, for it will save your life in the days ahead. It will be no small thing, for it will preserve you. Develop your prayer time, and protect the time you will need to invest. For there are many distractions and many things competing for your time, and competing for your attention. So I’m asking and encouraging you now, to reserve that precious time, and save it for us together. For we have much history we need to build together.

For the hardships are surely coming. There difficult times are surely coming. And though you know me now, you will wish you knew me better when these difficult times come. For the terrible days will seem even more terrible on the day they arrive. And the dreadful things will seem even more dreadful on the day they arrive. So for those with wisdom, let them hear this message and obey the call, and make the time to prepare themselves now.

And through these hardships, through these struggles, and even battles, my peace will sustain you. My peace will preserve you. My peace will keep you. So it is with love I am extending my hands to you, and offering you this invitation even now. It is in love I am calling, whispering in your ears, giving you a kind and gentle nudge. For my love for you is great. My kindness towards you is great. My patience with you is great. So awaken yourself and throw off your slumber. Take time to make yourself ready.

Surely this is a sobering message. Surely this is a rude awakening. But for those who respond, they will progress in safety. For those who respond, for those who heed the call and obey this message, the protection and preservation will be well worth it. For the days coming ahead will look nothing like the days of the past. And though the days of the past have foretold of calamity, even in the mouth of other messengers, still many will be caught unaware, unprepared, and completely surprised.

So it is with this in mind, I’m asking you to prepare now. Be wise, just as Noah was wise. Follow, obey, and make yourself ready. Don’t not be among those caught on the outside of the ark on the day the flood came.

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