A Call To The Mockers

Neil Vermillion —  October 7, 2014 —  Comments

And in this day I am calling out to the mockers. For you’ve not been satisfied with the things in this world. And deceptions of your hearts will be laid bare, and you will see. I will assist you. I will help you. I will expose the lies you’ve believed, and I will expose your task masters for who they are. And the deception before your eyes will fall, and the blindfold will be removed, and you’ll see plainly and clearly.

And I’ll form you and fashion you to be effective mouthpieces. I will make you to be righteous, worthy trumpets to sound the alarm and help spread the word of the good news. For you will tell many of my return, and you will be my messengers to spread the truth. And you will win the hearts of many in days soon coming. And though you once mocked me, I will transform you to be such pure vessels to carry my word and make my name known.

For you have been equipped with critical minds not be easily satisfied. And because of this, you will be excellent and articulate in sharing the messages I give you to share. And from the rooftops and mountain tops you will proclaim the goodness of my glory, and you will be so mighty in battle as you pull down strongholds and demolish lies in the hearts of so many people on this Earth.

For your focus and your zeal will be increased. And the sharpness of your mind will be used to as a weapon of righteousness. And I will put my spirit upon you so go out into the streets and the highways and by-ways and win souls. I will make you fishers of men in these last days. And your reward will be great. I will bless the work of your hand and I will bless the fruit of your labor.

And these are my good plans, and desires for those who are currently mockers, for those who mock me today. For I desire to call you away, and to come close to me.

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