A Call To The Rebellious

Neil Vermillion —  October 6, 2014 —  Comments

So know the days of the harvest are surely upon you. And the days of calling in those who have wandered the streets for too long is now surely upon you. And those who have been sleeping will be awakened. And those who have been running away will quickly run out of space to run. They will run no more.

For I will pursue and overtake the rebellious. I will win their hearts with my love and they will surrender all they have to me. As I reveal myself to them, they will in turn, surrender themselves to me. And many of the rejects and outcasts of society will come to me, and I will pour my love into their hearts, and I will pour my spirit out upon them, and through them. And they will walk in power and authority. For I will redeem and restore the call put upon them from the beginning.

They will do many great exploits for my name, and they will be terribly effective. They will execute my commands with uncompromising zeal. They will obey without hesitation. They will answer the call and have no place of doubt nor double-mindedness within them. And the glory of it all will be on display for all the world to see. And as the eyes of scoffers look throughout the land, they will be perplexed as well.

For my heart for the rebellious is great. My love for those currently rebellious is great. And who can say what I am capable of reclaiming? Who can limit my reach, or understand my ways? For I desire that all would come near to me, especially those who’ve turned their backs on me and have rejected me. Those who’ve heard the call on their life and rebelled against me, are still so very precious to me.

And I desire to pull them all in, to take them and clean them up and restore and rehabilitate and renew them. And I will light my fire within their hearts, and it will be as if all the stolen years will be quickly redeemed.

So know, I am calling out to the rebellious. Come follow me. I will bless you. I will forgive you. I will comfort and feed you. I will govern you. And you will love me and you will love my ways. And all the desires of your heart will be fulfilled and your days of joy will be beyond number.

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