A Precious Time Of Revelation

Neil Vermillion —  March 4, 2015 —  Comments

As you continue to set sail and venture out to the things I have placed before you, the things I have surely called you to do, understand there is a storm currently brewing. There is a turmoil as the heavens begin to shake and adjust to the new pace I am releasing upon the Earth, and upon my select people. So understand the past few days have seemed a bit foggy for you, and have seemed like you have one hundred things you need to do, and all kinds of other distractions.

Also understand the next few days will also be this way. For the next few days many of you will find yourself confused, and remembering things of old, things you have abandoned, and even feeling apprehensive about the future. Just know, there is a storm brewing in the heavenlies and it’s affecting your atmosphere. To some, this will seem like a light shower of rain, and to others it will seem like a complete thunderstorm. But do not allow this little trouble to steal your joy, or affect your resolve to all I’ve called you to. For in a few short days this storm will pass by, and your perspective will be renewed and you’ll come through all this good as new.

For there is a breaking and there is a bit of shaking in the atmosphere, and while you may not understand it, know it is still influencing and affecting you. So just be aware of this, and don’t be alarmed. Don’t be alarmed as you see others shaken up a bit, or a bit beside themselves. Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself a bit sad, or a bit perplexed by things you encounter daily. This is all part of the season, all part of the cycle. So just acknowledge it, and accept it.

But in this time of storm, I am still extending my hand to you, so you can know me like never before. And in this time of shaking and transitioning, I am revealing intricate and vital details to plans I have in store for you. And for some, for many in fact, I am releasing new vision. I am adding to what you’ve already been given, and I am adding to that original vision of yours. For if you’ve been found faithful, surely I will add more to you, so your days will truly know increase. And as you’ve been found faithful, time and time again, I will continue to add to you, so that your inheritance and your reward will be great!

So understand these next few days may feel a bit different, a bit odd. But make time to seek me by your spirit. Discard your negative emotions, and discard your negative thinking. Seek me by your spirit. For I am spirit, and you will surely find me if you seek me with all your might, as one searches for lost treasure. For in these days I will make things plain to you so you will understand with certainty.

This is a precious time. This is a necessary time. Don’t squander these days, for my revelation will be made available to you, plain and simple, if you will but make time to seek my face.

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