A Time Of Adjustment

Neil Vermillion —  March 3, 2015 —  Comments

As many of you are entering, and have entered, into a time of transition, do not be hasty. Though you are right in making yourself ready, do not be presumptuous in your plan making. For though it is true you are advancing, there is still a bit of adjustment needed for you to arrive at the proper place at the proper time.

So allow me to adjust your vision and adjust your timetable. For there are things before you that are not of me, they are not in alignment with my plans. So take the time to sit before you and allow me to adjust and tweak your plans. For your plans are not my plans, and though you want to do the right thing, you do not know it yet fully. So allow yourself permission to sit idly by and allow me to adjust you.

And in this time of adjustment open your spirit and open your heart and open your mind up to me. For there are things I desire to deposit within you. There are things I desire to plant within you. There are things I desire to activate within you. And all these things will make sense in time as you look back, but to your natural, rational mind right now they are a mystery. In fact, they are foolishness to you.

So receive these things by faith. Don’t allow yourself to dwell on the details and become apprehensive. Simply embrace this from me, and allow yourself to drink deeply and swallow fully, and do not hesitate to consume all that’s put before you. If you come to me like little children, I will fill you. If you come to me with criticism and skepticism I will confound you.

So let go of your maturity and make yourself ready by sitting with me, side by side. Come and sit with me as you did when you were a child, when you had no cares in the world. When your life was simple. So come to me now, and return to that place of simplicity, and allow me to adjust you, and adjust your vision, before you step out too soon, too quickly.

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