A Time Of Blessing You Will Not Enjoy

Neil Vermillion —  April 15, 2015 —  Comments

And surely in these days soon coming many of you will experience my correction. You will experience my refinement. You will experience my adjustment. For it is my desire to bring you to that place of excellence, the place of fulfillment, the place of maturity. So know, just as you are vine is already bearing fruit, even so, I will prune it in order that it may be even more fruitful.

So understand in your times of pruning and correction, this is done for your benefit. This process, though uncomfortable, though humbling, though inconvenient, will bring about the fruit that you and I desire. And while this process seems slow, as you come through it and look back, it will seem brief.

But also know, as I am bringing you to this place of correction and refinement, I will not leave you all alone like an orphan. For I have pyt my spirit within you, and I have put my grace upon you. So surely you will be able to endure and achieve, if you will decide to persevere. And know, patience must have its work in your life. And when it does, you will come out lacking nothing. You will come through it all lacking no thing you need.

So expect habits of old to be confronted, and corrected. Expect mindsets and paradigms to be exposed within you. Things you’ve believed for years will come to the surface, and you will be forced to take inventory within, and decide for yourself who you will serve. You will be forced to decide again, who will be your master, who will be your Lord? For there are habits of old, habits even from generation to generation that need to be broken. They need to be cut off. So understand, in this time of pruning, I will be getting your attention.

So be alert! Be mindful. For surely I will be efficient in my dealings with you, so as not to delay the process unnecessarily.

So embrace this time of adjustment. Embrace this time of adjustment. It will give you life. It will give you more fruit. It will bring you more reward. And in the end, it will be a time of blessing, though you will not enjoy it.

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