A Time Of Death To Your Hindrances

Neil Vermillion —  August 15, 2014 —  Comments

All the things you surrender will help to release you to be free. And it will seem as though it is a death to you. It will seem as though you are giving up the very most precious things. But in reality, your surrender will set you free. And it will seem like death, but in reality it will be life.

For there are things holding you back, and there are issues within your heart that motivate you to behave destructively. And while there is grace and patience for you, know it is not my perfect plan for you to continue with these hindrances. And so, as I am extending my hand to help liberate you from these issues, know it will feel uncomfortable. You will not enjoy it. You would not volunteer to die to these things if I weren’t helping you.

But also know, the death to these hindrances will set your heart so free. You will be completely free. You will be able to run faster, for longer, and will be able to fly as high as you desire. Your range of motion will be expanded, and though the process will hurt and be uncomfortable, it will result with great gratitude and great freedom. You will not not feel loss, or disappointment, but rather your heart will be alive with new capacities for appreciation, being able to both give and receive love in greater measure than before.

But many of these things that will be required for you to lay down will not feel like idols. They will not feel like hindrances. They will not feel like they are harming you or holding you back. In fact, many of them will feel like your security. They will feel like they sustain you. They will feel like they are a blessing. So understand, in this time of shaking I will assist you by also giving you wisdom and discernment to know and understand what must die, and what must be surrendered.

I will help you to know and understand, but I’ll also help you by giving you strength and courage. I will not leave you to face all these things alone. So while it will feel like death to lay down your idols, to forsake your false gods, to abandon your comforting lies, to neglect the treasures that would destroy you, know this process will lead you to life – a life more abundant!

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