A Time Of Great Confrontation

Neil Vermillion —  February 6, 2015 —  Comments

For in this day I am calling out to my Loved Ones. I am calling, but not all are responding. Some are making excuses. Some are concerned with the things of this world. Some are deaf to my voice, not able to recognize their own shepherd. And some are in love with the things of this world, and have given their affections to worthless idols. But there are some who are listening. There are some who hear the voice of their master, their shepherd, their friend who sticks closer than a brother.

And to those who hear and respond, to those who hear and obey, I am calling out to hearts and stirring deep within. For I am igniting destiny in the heart of my people. For the day in which you live is surely a miraculous time. It is a time of great conflict – a time of great confrontation. So as in the days of my servant Elijah, so it will be with you. There will be the times of great confrontation with the spirit of this age, with the culture of this age, with the wisdom of this age, with the righteousness of this age.

And all these will confront and attack and resist you. But do not fear. Do not bow your knee. For know I am with you, my Dear Ones. For you were born for this day. And you have been prepared for this day. You have been equipped for this day, and surely my plans for you will come about if you will remain faithful. For surely my plans have already been set in motion. And surely all these things must happen. For the confrontation from the things of this world will lead to a dividing line, but those who know my voice already will hear my call and will follow and will obey. The voice of another they will not follow.

So harden not your heart in these days of preparation. Though it will confuse your mind, do not hesitate to initiate what I put before you. Do not fear the outcome, though it looks foolish. For I am activating you and I am training you even this day, for things yet to come. And in all these things it will start small. It will start in secret. It will not start the same way way it will finish. So remain faithful, and remain obedient, and do not consider the cost. For I will lead you to the heights your heart and soul desire. I will lead you through, and take you to the days of great adventure.

So walk by faith, and continue to follow, continue to obey. As you do, all these things will make sense to you, as you remain diligent and faithful.

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